Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Baby Shower

Today I baked a cake and photographed a baby shower!  It was a great combo and I got some great feedback on the cake and the pictures!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Emmy's Birthday Party

 Emmy had her party tonight!  We had a bunch of her friends over for a surf themed birthday party to watch the Disney movie Teen Beach Movie 2.  The weather was great and we ate pizza and cake outside and the girls played and painted nails until it was time for candy, popcorn and the movie.  The movie didn't start until 8 so it was a pretty late night for them.  They seemed to have a great time!!!

Aoife and Emmy waiting for the guests to arrive!

 The candy cake that Emmy requested:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baseball Party

 We hosted the AAA Red Sox for the end of season party!  It was really fun to get everyone together.  The boys played basketball and baseball in the backyard and played on the slidepool.  Everyone brought a side so it was so easy to just grill and make dessert!!  It's so nice to be able to enjoy summer in our beautiful backyard!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Weekend in Easton

 This weekend we went to visit Tracy and Evan at their house in Easton.  It was so nice to get away and spend some time in such a gorgeous setting. Their house is amazing and the kids only got out of the pool to eat and sleep!  Oh - and to go get ice cream on the boat!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Emmy's End of Second Grade Party

I always forget how busy the last few weeks of school are!!  Between the end of sports, dance, each class having a party, concerts etc it seems like there is something to do everyday!!!  Today was the second grade end oy year party. Declan and I went - which probably turned out to not be the greatest idea but was fine in the end. The sprinkles on the table were a great distraction and source of consternation on Declan's part but once we went into the cafeteria to play with the parachute, all was forgotten - plus he got to have icecream once we got back!
 Emmy and Morgan with Ms. Handley

 Ms. Handley's girls


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Aoife's Kindergarten End of Year Party

 Declan and I went to Aoife's Kindergarten party today at school. There were bouncy castles, slides, water, bubbles and pizza!  It was super fun - Declan and Aoife had a great time!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red Sox Vs. Diamonbacks in the AAA Championship Game

 The Red Sox made it all the way to the Championship game!  They had a perfect season - won every single game all season and had such a great time along the way.  The boys supported each other, played so well and learned some important lessons about life.  Today was no exception - other than the outcome of the game was different than they were used to. 
It was a beautiful June night - a little hot but, hey, it's summer in Virginia!  The excitement was palatable - from both the Red Sox and the Diamonbacks - both teams were so happy to be in the Championship game!  Unfortunately, the Red Sox didn't play as well as they had all season - our big hitters didn't hit so well and there were a few errors.  Other than that, they did great!  The pitching was good and most of the fielding was good too! Aidan played really well at pitcher, despite the heat and the pressure.  It all came down to the last inning and a full count leading to a strike out but despite being down most of the game, our boys never gave up and played hard the entire game.  Although they lost, they were still proud of how hard they played and what a great season they had overall.  I was so proud of Aidan - in the team meeting after the game, he wanted to make a speech and told the team how happy they should be with their playing all season and how happy he was to be part of the team.  Such a leader!! The boys took home two trophies - one for best overall record and one for being runner up in the game.  They were happy with all of their bling!!  Can't wait until next season!!