Monday, July 31, 2017

Massachusetts Vacation

On Sunday, I threw some clothes in bags for the kids and myself and drove with them up to Massachusetts to stay with Brendan's mom for the week.  Unfortunately Brendan couldn't join us because of work but fortunately my work has slowed down for a few weeks and it worked out perfectly.  The kids and I needed a break and some time to relax and get out of town.
We got to Plymouth on Sunday with plenty of time to go to dinner at the Cabbyshack in Plymouth.  The next morning the kids and I went to Scusset beach in Sandwich.  It was low tide and the water was warm enough that the kids swam for a few hours!  After a shower and changing our clothes we had dinner at Seafood Sam's - a great casual restaurant overlooking the Cape Cod canal.  It was a great start to the week!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

'Hives' at the National Building Museum

We have gone to the summer exhibition at the National Building Museum each year since we moved here.  It's a tradition that the kids look forward to since it changes every summer and it's always something interesting.  This year the exhibition is called "Hives" and it is structures made of thick cardboard tubes. They are painted silver on the outside and a color on the inside so they look shiny from the outside until you walk inside and the color really takes over.  The lighting is well done and there is a sound element to it as well.
The kids enjoyed building their own structures out of cardboard and we visited some of the other exhibits before getting a snack - cookies of course.  We even managed to snag street parking this time around! I've never been able to park on the street in that area - it's so crowded and we usually just end up in the garage.
The kids enjoyed themselves but it wasn't as entertaining as the Icebergs last year or certainly the Beach the year before that!  But really - what can top a million balls in a ball pit???  We are looking forward to seeing what they do next summer!!
Remember - this is a Blue Star Museum! If you are a military family, your admission is extremely discounted for this exhibit and is free during the rest of the year!

Mini Camp 2017

 Football season is off to a good start!  Mini Camp was Wednesday and Thursday night and we had the biggest group of kids attend in recent memory.  The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. It's fun to see them all out on the field together before they are broken down into teams.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Library of Congress

This afternoon we took a short trip to the Library of Congress. It's on the other side of Capitol Hill from the Museums and other monuments so it's not one of our usual places.  None of us had ever been there and it was fun to explore together!  The inside of the library is beautiful - one of the most beautiful buildings in DC for sure!  We saw the first ever Spiderman Comic, a small exhibit of Wonderwoman, some very old books from Latin America and we even found the kids reading room!  We missed a bunch of stuff so maybe we can make it back again when we're in the area!