Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Our friends Jeff, Amy and Addy came to visit us for Thanksgiving. We had a great time and ate way too much food! This morning we got up early and went to Mt. Vernon since they started their Christmas season today. The kids had a great time looking at all the trees and played with the camel that was their to commemorate the camel that George Washington had at the estate in 1787. It was cute and very friendly - Aidan and the camel became friends very quickly.
Emmy and the Washingtons:A gingerbread reproduction of the Mt. Vernon Estate:Sitting on the front porch:Brendan and Emmy looking at the pigs:Addy, Aidan and Emmy enjoying the Children's Christmas Tree:Aidan and Aladin the camel:Jeff, Addy and Aidan with the camel:Everyone looking at the bulls:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Aidan's Thanksgiving Feast

Today Aidan's class had their Thanksgiving feast with the upstairs class. Aidan's class came dressed as Wampanoags and the upstairs kids were Pilgrims. The Wampanoags wore necklaces that they made as well as tie dyed head wraps - maybe more hippie than Native American!! Anyway - they were really cute and Emmy jumped right in. She grabbed an empty seat and helped herself to some food - adorable!
Aidan is in the front row - right side:Aidan is in the bottom left corner:Emmy on her way in to the feast - taggie in hand as always:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Post Halloween Costumes

Brendan found this cat costume for Emmy a few days before Halloween just in case it was really cold. She loves wearing it around the house and Aidan had to join in - although his costume is from 2 years ago and is TINY on him!

Great Falls

My parents have been here visiting for the past week and we went to Great Falls last weekend. It was really cold and a little windy but we had a good time and the kids enjoyed being outside running around.