Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 recap

2017 marked the 10th year that I have kept up with this blog. Some years have had more posts and some less - mostly indicating if I was swamped with a new baby or a deployment or in this year's case, a new job.  Nevertheless, it has been a fantastic exercise in reflection and commitment that has built a family history that is fun to look back at and enlightening as well.  We all have ups and downs and although I never intend to dive too deep into the lows or highlight the highs, they are still there and evident in either what I wrote or the lack of posts during a certain time frame. It also serves as a very concrete touchstone for the kids.  They don't remember a lot of what happened on a daily basis when they were little but being able to read about it and see photos builds a narrative of what our life has been like so far. 
2017 has been a tough year in the world but our family managed to have a lot of fun and enjoyed a lot of what living in Virginia has offered us!

In January we went to Disney World and Brendan ran a bunch of races during the marathon weekend. Declan started full time school at Jamestown and everyone played lots of basketball.

 In February Aidan turned 12 and we finished up the basketball season.

In March we got a little bit of snow and then it turned super warm only a few weeks later.  The girls started lacrosse season!

In April Aoife turned 8, we visited Manasas, Aidan started baseball and the girls started lacrosse games.

In May we played lots more baseball and lacrosse, Declan had an end of year music concert and Aoife had her First Holy Communion.


In June the kids finished up school, baseball and lacrosse, Brendan had his change of command, Declan went to soccer camp and Emmy turned 10!

In July we went to Massachusetts for a week, Emmy and Aidan both went to camp and Aoife played box lacrosse.

In August we harvested honey from our beehive, went apple picking and enjoyed the end of summer.

In September we went to a lot of football games and lacrosse games and Declan turned 5!

In October we dressed up for Halloween, watched a lot of lacrosse and finished up the football season.

In November I turned 40, we finished up lacrosse season and we celebrated Thanksgiving in Massachusetts.

In December we got ready for the holidays, watched Aidan play basketball at the Verizon Center, celebrated Christmas and enjoyed a great New Years Eve with friends!!

We are excited to see what 2018 has in store!  I know it will be another year full of fun - watching the kids grow and change.  Keep checking back - blogging year #11 starts now!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The National Gallery of Art

 It was cold today but we had to get out of the house and do something interesting! We took a quick trip to the National Gallery of Art in DC. It took us a while to find parking because everyone else had the same idea that we had!  We managed to park right in front of the museum and much to our surprise the museum was still decorated for the holidays!  It was beautiful! 
We got to see some amazing paintings - it's so incredible to be able to see them in person!  Happy day after boxing day!!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

It was another great Christmas this year!  With 12, 10, 8 and 5 year olds - it really doesn't get much better!  We spent Christmas Eve at Gramma and Daddy Jim's house and then everyone came over to our house for Christmas Day. The big presents were a hit - Aidan got VR goggles and a gaming chair, Emmy got a lofted bed (because we can't give her her own room which is what she really wanted), 
Aoife got a computer to build and program Minecraft and Declan got a Powerwheels.  
Santa was very generous this year and we are so thankful for everything that this year has brought. It is amazing just to have been together for the most part of this year and we are so proud of Brendan and how he is doing so well in command. The kids are all doing well in school and and sports and have fantastic friends. What more can we ask for??