Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Guts are Gross

So today after Aidan's nap - or non-nap - as I like to call those lovely days when he decides to spend the afternoon singing to himself and rolling the trundle bed out from under his mattress instead of sleeping - I thought we should carve pumpkins. I thought that Aidan would love it - digging into the pumpkin and pulling out the seeds seemed like something right up his alley! I kept asking him if he wanted to help me and he kept running away and refusing to touch the pumpkin. I thought he was just being difficult but I was wrong. I finally got him to come over and grab a spoon to scoop out some seeds. As soon as he dipped the spoon into the pumpkin he started gagging - I mean really gagging - I thought that he was going to throw up into the pumpkin. So there it is - just another reason to feel guilty. I am a terrible mother who didn't realize that pumpkin guts would gross out a 2 year old.............

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Finally Made it to the Monuments

Since Brendan is on a business trip and Aidan's school was canceled today, we had to get out and do something fun. As weird as it sounds, Aidan has been wanting to go to the Washington Memorial since the first day he saw it. If we didn't go soon he was going to have an aneurism! So we drove up to the Lincoln Memorial and totally lucked out on a parking spot which is so not what usually happens to me! We walked up to the Lincoln Memorial which was great and practically empty since it was overcast and sprinkled a little. Then we went to the Korean War Memorial and Aidan really wanted to go in the pond. All that water is so enticing! We walked down the reflecting pool to the WWII Memorial which is really cool and LOUD since there are so many fountains. Then we walked up to the Washington Memorial and Aidan was excited to run around and touch the marble - it was really nice that it was almost totally empty. We even got home in time for a late lunch and a good nap. :)The Lincoln Memorial The Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial

Aidan at the Washington Monument
Some nice guy offered to take this picture....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mt. Vernon Fall Festival

Emmy slept through another fun family outing! We went to Mt. Vernon to go to their Fall Festival. The weather was great and we got there before the crowds. Aidan and Brendan watching the blacksmith - the lighting is real - no photoshop needed!
There was a cool maze made of hay bales - after one trip through with Daddy he insisted that he go by himself. Where does he get that stubborn streak????????
Turning everything into a drum.

Roasting apples and... eating them - not quite as good as it looks

Being in the band....

Recreation of George Washington's threshing barn at Mt. Vernon - built entirely with 18th century techniques - even the nails used were made by a blacksmith!

Friday, October 19, 2007

October Photos

So it's already October - can hardly believe that we have been in DC for almost 6 months now. It certainly seems to have flown by and I can't really seem to remember much of anything!!! Here are some new pictures of the kids in October - I know, I know I'm not in any of them - but without my Dad around I'm always behind the camera! Aidan in heaven - he loves the park so much!!
A portrait of the artist at work
Getting dirty is soooo much fun!
Aidan was turning EVERYTHING into a sword and so we figured if we got a "real" sword for him then we could make rules about what the sword could hit and what would happen if it hit something off limits - like Emmy.................... Sure enough - it worked!
Love the new camera
Here she is - 4 months now and getting so big!
Look how well she can hold her head up!We went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair - Aidan had a good time - horses and knights are always fun.
Aidan climbed this wall by himself - everyone around us stopped to watch - he looked so little compared to the other kids climbing the wall!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Trip to FL

We just got back from our trip to Florida - here are some pictures: Emmy loves the ocean!

Aidan and Brendan body surfing

Aidan, Emmy and Brendan at the Beach in Naples
Aidan at Epcot

Aidan drumming at Epcot
Aidan in shark's mouth

Brendan and Aidan enjoying the Magic Kingdom


Trick or Treating at Disney