Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Buy a Christmas Tree at Lowes!

Our enormous, nine foot, real Christmas tree is no more. On Monday night as I was sweeping up, opening packages that had arrived in the mail and putting the presents under the tree, I noticed a lot of brown dots on the tree skirt and on the floor around the tree. At first, in the dark under the tree, it looked like dirt - which was weird. I looked closer and - OH MY GOD - those are all BUGS - EVERYWHERE! There were bugs on the underside of almost every branch of the tree. The question now was how fast can I get this thing undecorated, lights off and OUT OF MY HOUSE? By myself of course - at 11 pm. Let me tell you - it didn't take me much more than 20 minutes. And who knew that I was strong enough to lift a 9 foot tree out of the tree stand and carry it out of my house and into the woods? After that the cleanup followed and I was so itchy from thinking about all those bugs all over me after I carried the tree that I had to take a long shower before bed.
The next morning Emmy, Aoife and I went back to Lowes, where we had bought the tree. I was armed with photographic evidence of the bugs although I didn't need it. I told them that my tree was infested with bugs and they needed to refund me the cost of the tree and give me a discount on a fake one. They complied - no questions asked.
Here is our new fake tree. I got the biggest one they had left but it's still only 7 feet tall. The kids think it's tiny but Aidan thinks it looks better than our first tree.


Rains Family said...

NOT GOOD!! That's so creeeeepy!!! So sorry that happened to you Becky! What a nightmare! We haven't bought a tree from Lowe's since we've moved to Williamsburg because they end up dead 2 weeks before Christmas. But this is even worse! I have found the only way to success with a real tree is to cut it down!

Unknown said...

Oh no, that's so sad, Alexa, play despacito.