Saturday, January 15, 2011

159th CAB Ball

Last night Brendan and I went to the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade's Winter Ball. We had a great time and really enjoyed spending time together and with our friends. This is the farewell event for the unit before the deployment that is coming up soon.
We made it home pretty early - 11 or so - and it was a good thing too. Poor Aidan woke us up around 1 in the morning by simultaneously yelling down the stairs for the babysitter and barfing everywhere. Not awesome - at all. The good news is that it seems to have been a one time thing and he was fine today.Here are the centerpieces for our Squadron's tables. Since Brendan is in 7-17 CAV we did the centerpieces in red and white (Cavalry colors).Thank GOODNESS there is a line item for Jaeger Bomb's. Seriously? I can't imagine the demand for them is so high!The Squadron Commander adding to the grog. Me and Steph England:


Rains Family said...

Becky, you look beautiful- I love your dress! Glad you two were able to have an adult night out before the deployment.

adozeneggs said...

ick. I don't know what a jeagerbomb is and I don't want to know. Except that I think it's something kids drink..
You look gorgeous.
Does anyone drink the grog?

Becky said...

The grog actually got finished! It was actually pretty good due to enough juice to mask some of the alcohol. And I have never had a Jaeger bomb although I'm pretty sure it's a shot of jeagermeister in a beer but I could be wrong. I try to stay fat away from anything containing jaeger!

Unknown said...

Hi -- I found this on pintrest .. but any idea where the flags were from. We love the idea and would love to replicate!

Becky said...

HI Jennifer - we sewed the flags!