Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of School 2015

 So today was a big day!!!  The first day of school and the first time in 3 years that the kids weren't starting in a new school.  They were so excited that they would know people in their classes and that they would have friends in other classes that they would see at recess!  Oh the things that most people take for granted!!!
Aidan is in 5th grade this year and that means that he gets to be a bus patrol.  It's a very sought after 5th grade job and he even went to a week of police camp to get ready.  He is also very happy with his new teacher and with the kids in his class.  He has a new mix of kids and it will be great to give him an opportunity to become closer with some other people!
Emmy is in 3rd grade and has a great teacher as well. She is lucky to have some friends from her class last year, friends from church and friends from lacrosse in her new class.  She loves that they will be studying Spanish this year and that art and music have been increased to three times a week!
Aoife is in 1st grade and so far the most awesome thing is that she gets to take three books out of the library at a time instead of just two - like in Kindergarten!  She seems to love her teacher and is having fun with new friends.  She loves to see her Kindergarten friends on the playground but seems busy making new friends in class as well.
I think that this year is going to be great.  They deserve it - they've put up with a lot already.  Having a little stability for a few years will be so good for them!

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Here are some pictures of them coming off of the bus - all smiles and hugs for Declan!!

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